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Intership @ Sympl Week 11

Finetuning & Cloudinary

Mon 17 - Fri 21 April:

Finetuning the FFmpeg script

The project was now producing a video with a correct aspect ratio. The only problem was that when images were used that didn't have the correct dimensions, the video would still be stretched. FFmpeg had a way to crop pictures but this didn't end up working the way I wanted to.

More research and a solution

I did some more research and ended up stumbling on Cloudinary. Cloudinary is a service that allows you to upload images and videos and then manipulate them with a simple URL. This sounded like a perfect solution for my problem.

I started reading documentation on Cloudinary and how to implement in intro PHP. After a few tries I managed to get it working and I was able to crop images to the correct dimensions.

Another problem arises

The cropping worked perfectly but also created another issue. The images were cropped to the center. Which meant that if a person was present in the image, they could be cropped out. I looked into training a model to detect faces in images.

By Aron Claessens