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Intership @ Sympl Week 4

Targeting Info & Ad Variants

Mon 27 Feb:

Implementing the prompt in the targeting page

The goal today was to implement the prompt in the targeting page so that the type of the function could be set.

Tue 28 Feb:

Ad variants for Instagram and Facebook reels

I also worked on the ad variants for Instagram and Facebook reels. I had to create a new ad variant for reels. For this I based myself on the already existing ad template for TikTok.

Remainder of this week:

Backend Fix

A problem arose the next day. The type I had chosen for the Facebook and Instagram reel ad variants was not recognized, this made it so that the new ad variants couldn't be saved. This was fixed by implementing the correct types in the backend which allowed the new ad variants to be saved.

Styling the new ad variants

The new ad variants were based on the TikTok add template. The problem with this was that Reels look more like Instagram stories than TikTok videos. This meant that the styling of the new ad variants had to be changed to make them look more like Instagram stories.

By Aron Claessens