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Intership @ Sympl Week 8

Learning New Technologies & Minor Tasks

Mon 27 - Fri 31 March:

Learning FFmpeg

To learn FFmpeg I started by visiting the official FFmpeg website to access documentation. I familiarized myself with the basic concepts and components, such as codecs, formats, and filters.

I explored the command-line interface (CLI) and experimented with various commands in a sandbox environment I created for converting and processing multimedia files. I browsed online forums, tutorials, and Stack Overflow discussions for practical examples and troubleshooting tips. I experimented with various FFmpeg features and options to gain hands-on experience and a deeper understanding.

Learning PHP

I did not have much experience with PHP. I had only used it once in the past so this language was quite new for me. Luckily I quickly realized that PHP is very similar to JavaScript. I was able to pick up the basics of the language quite quickly. I started by reading the official PHP documentation and then I explored the PHP language reference. I also watched a few YouTube tutorials to get a better understanding of the language.

Combining FFmpeg & PHP

After learning the basics of both technologies I started experimenting learning to combine both. Initially I started by creating a simple PHP script that would execute a FFmpeg command. I then started to add more functionality to the script. I added a form that would allow the user to put images in a directory and then execute a FFmpeg command on those images.

By Aron Claessens